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FocusUp-BannerEnergize Your Life… Stay Focused, Alert, and Productive!

Tired of Being Tired?

  • Stresses in daily life can drain your energy stores leading to exhaustion, inablity to remember the small things, or focus on the task at hand. 
  • Reaching for a coffee, soda or tea for an energy boost causes the body to dehydrate, lose fluids, and become acidic.
  • Most of today’s energy drinks and shots are loaded with sugar, calories, and synthetics, leading to “the crash”.

Experience the Difference!

  • Internationally researched Energetic Nutrients designed for high-performance adults to stay productive and focused.
  • A healthy source of physical energy and mental clarity backed by science.
  • Improved Focus, Mood, Mental Energy, Alertness, Concentration, Memory, and Mental Performance.

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Uniquely Formulated Botanical Ingredients:



  • A special nutrient with a high-level ability to positively influence brain health, stress tolerance, and metabolism
  • Has an energetic and regenerative effect on brain cells and offers superior protection from stress
  • Known to boost nerve transmission and helps your brain metabolize fat and cholesterol


  • Speeds the production of neurotransmitters responsible for carrying messages between brain cells
  • Promotes higher brain functions such as learning, recall and memory
  • A potent, site-specific free radical scavenger that aids in cleaning the bloodstream

Rhodiola Rosea

  • Boosts energy, stimulates the immune system, and helps cardiac problems
  • Enhances blood-brain barrier permeability and transport of dopamine & serotonin, responsible for positive mood
  • Helps reduce stress, promotes muscle recovery, and regulate hormones

Huperzine A

  • Improves memory function including treating neurological problems such as Alzheimer’s disease
  • Increases acetylcholine which aids with information retention and memory formation
  • Boosts concentration, mental clarity, and the ability to process and calculate data


  • Positively effects brain blood vessels, brain blood flow, and the brain cells themselves
  • Enhances the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the brain
  • Treats a number of cerebrovascular diseases in Europe and Japan

Green Tea Extract

  • Increases brain connections that process and store information
  • Provides anti-inflammatory anti-oxidants that reduce digestive cancer risk
  • EGCG, a polyphenol in green tea, may guard against neurological diseases

Boost Your Health & Your Wealth…

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Choose Your Path To Vibrant Health:

focus-up-drink-sticks FocusUP – The World’s First “Pure Energy Think Drink”

Powdered Dietary Supplement Energy Mix that supports Focus, Concentration, Mood, Memory & Mental Energy.

Give your body the nutrients it craves without the negative side effects of today’s popular energy drinks.

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1 – FocusUp Drink Stick Pack (12 Servings / 1 Drink Stick Each)


*$25 for members

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focus-up-capsule-bottle FocusUP – The World’s First “Pure Energy Think Drink”

Vegetarian Capsules that support Focus, Concentration, Mood, Memory & Mental Energy.

Give your body the nutrients it craves without the negative side effects of today’s popular energy drinks.

Note: You do not qualify to earn weekly commissions with this pack.

1 – FocusUp 45 Capsule Bottle (15 Servings / 3 Capsules Each)


*$25 for members

(Complete Purchase At Our Xooma site.)

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Supplement Facts:


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