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Organic Open-Forage Eggs
One Dozen


One Dozen of Medium, Organic, Open-Forage Eggs

Supported with New Country Organics: Super-Premium Certified Organic, Soy-Free, Low Starch Vegetarian Layer Feed

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Are all eggs created equal?

Our flock consists of 19 Rhode Island Red hens (brown eggs) and 6 White Leghorn hens (white eggs), governed by Rusty – our protective Rhode Island Red Rooster.  All of our hens were raised from chicks on our farm with 18 hens born March 2021 (medium eggs).

Our Laying Hens are safely kept within a moveable chicken pen to offer wild red clover, wild strawberry, wild violet, and meadow grass on open ground. They snack on wild insects, worms and other edibles by exhibiting their natural behavior of scratching and pecking the ground – physiological and psychological behaviors that all chickens should have the opportunity to do.  When moved, the result is a manured, nitrogen-rich base layer for our regenerative gardens.  The pen also protects them from aerial predators, raccoons, opossums, and other local predators.

Our flock is supported with New Country Organics: Super Premium Certified Organic, Soy-Free, Low Starch Layer Pellets made without corn to better aid flocks living in hotter environments. This is a complete nutritional feed of milled North American Organic Grains along with kelp and organic alfalfa. It is formulated with additional calcium for eggshell strength and organic flaxseed to increase the omega-3 content of the eggs.

As a result, the egg yolk is a deep yellow color due to natural foraging and is fertilized which makes it lower in cholesterol than typical grocery store eggs.

Try them and you be the judge!