Open-Forage Eggs – One Dozen


Are all eggs created equal?  You be the judge.  Our heritage breed chickens are kept in the finest conditions.  They live comfortably in a converted barn that is cleaned weekly and has access to open pasture.  We feed them Non-GMO, Vegetarian feed and chemical-free vegetables produced on our farm in addition to the wild red clover, yarrow, strawberry, and meadow grass they get to snack on. They get wild insects, worms and other edibles from exhibiting their natural behavior of scratching and pecking the ground for tasty treats.

Our birds are actively exercising, exposed to full sunlight from dawn til dusk (except when they choose to take shade, of course), and express the physiological and psychological behaviors that all chickens should have the opportunity to do.

As a result, the egg shell is higher in calcium which makes it stronger, the egg yolk is a deep yellow color which is healthier and is fertilized which makes it lower in cholesterol, and the egg white is elastic and not runny which is much more desirable.

Try it.  And you be the judge!

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One Dozen of Open-Foraging Eggs