Imperial Berkey

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Big Filter for Small Businesses & Organizations.

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Product Description

English Metric
Height 25.75 in 65.4 cm
Height when Nested 17 in 43.2 cm
Diameter 10 in 25.4 cm
Weight – Empty 10 lbs 4.5 kg
Storage Capacity 4.5 gal 17 liters
Flow Rate 2 Elements* 5.5 GPH 20.8 LPH
Flow Rate 4 Elements* 11 GPH 41.6 LPH
Flow Rate 6 Elements* 16.5 GPH 62.5 LPH
Serves Number of People ** 25 to 80
* Volume of Water produced by all elements in one hour
** See our Selection Guide for details
  • The versatile Imperial Berkey® system is the ideal system for use with small to medium sized groups, at the small business, small organizations,or for outdoor activities or during unexpected emergencies.
  • Expandable to six purification elements
  • Easy to maintain and clean.

Second only to the Crown Berkey® in size the Imperial is constructed of the same durable highly-polished 304 stainless steel.  This monster can hold 4.5 gallons and the maximum configuration of 6 purification elements can filter an amazing 16.5 gallons an hour which is enough flow rate to satisfy the needs of any small to medium sized group.

Please Note:
  • Not yet available in Iowa
  • Not currently available in California
  • Flow rate calculated with upper chamber full to top. Flow rate decreases as water level declines