Big Berkey

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Our Most Popular Berkey Purifier.

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Product Description

English Metric
Height 20 in 50.8 cm
Height when Nested 15.5 in 39.4 cm
Diameter 8.5 in 21.6 cm
Weight – Empty 7 lbs 3.2 kg
Storage Capacity 2.25 gal 8.5 liters
Flow Rate 2 Elements* 3.5 GPH 13.3 LPH
Flow Rate 4 Elements* 7 GPH 26.5 LPH
Serves Number of People 4 to 25
* Volume of Water produced by all elements in one hour
** See our Selection Guide for details


  • Versatile BIG BERKEY filter system is ideal for home use
  • Our biggest selling system
  • Enjoys a long standing reputation in the emergency relief community
  • Easy to maintain and clean

The Big Berkey is our most popular system because it produces enough water for 4 to 25 persons and is still compact enough to be portable, making the Big Berkey ideally suited for most of our customers needs. The Big Berkey was also the first water filter model offered by Berkey. Over time the Big Berkey has accumulated a huge following in the missionary and emergency relief organization field. This large following of dedicated users has produced much press making it a popular choice. Use the recommendations information on our Berkey® Selection Guide page to determine the specific filter that best matches your water filtering situation.  The versatile Big Berkey® system is the ideal system for use at home with small or medium sized families, travel, outdoor activities or during unexpected emergencies.

Please Note:

  • Not yet available in Iowa
  • Not currently available in California
  • Flow rate calculated with upper chamber full to top. Flow rate decreases as water level declines