Berkey Light


The GO Anywhere GLOW Anywhere Water Purifier.

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Product Description

English Metric
Height 21 in 53.3 cm
Height with Base 26.25 in 66.7 cm
Diameter 9 in 22.9 cm
Weight Empty 7 lbs 3.2 kg
Storage Capacity 2.75 gal 10.4 liters
Flow Rate 2 Elements* 3.75 GPH 14.2 LPH
Flow Rate 4 Elements* 7.5 GPH 28.4 LPH
Serves Number of People ** 5 to 30
* Volume of Water produced by all elements in one hour
** See our Selection Guide for details
  • Cleanable and self-sterilizing Black Berkey® purification elements
  • Lower cost alternative to the Big Berkey
  • Transparent chamber provides for an easy view of water levels
  • Ambient and relaxing luminous effects
  • Elevated base allows the system to be placed anywhere on a flat surface
  • Portability even while system is purifying water

The Berkey Light™ system is designed for use while traveling, during outdoor activities or emergency situations. It comes with two or four of the powerful Black Berkey filter elements. And this versatile water purifier treats municipal water, untreated raw water from such diverse sources as lakes, streams, stagnant ponds or even a foreign country’s water supply which may have substandard regulations at best. It is perfect for outdoor activities and a definite must have for hostile environments where electricity, water pressure or potable water may not be available.

Constructed of a shatter resistant, high impact strength non BPA co-polyester; the Berkey Light™ system does not leach foul tasting plastic contaminants into your water.

As the system purifies water, it creates the relaxing sound of falling rain.  When used with the Berkey Light™ optional eight-lamp LED Base, these water droplets glow and refract sending out waves of light in soothing patterns onto the surrounding area. This lighting effect combined with the melody of raindrops, create a truly unique and relaxing atmosphere.  Now that’s tripping the light fantastic!

Berkey Light Systems are BPA Free

The Berkey Light system as currently provided by New Millennium Concepts is BPA FREE. Not only is the new co-polyester material highly durable and dishwasher safe, it is also scratch, stain, shatter and odor-resistant.

PLEASE NOTE: In the past there has been an increasing concern over containers that contain the recycle code #7. The recycle code found on the bottom of plastic containers are called “Resin Identification Codes”. Polycarbonate is simply one type of plastic that falls under the code #7. Code #7 is a catchall code that basically means “Other” and most products that do not fit into categories #1 through #6 are placed into category #7. It is also for products that are made from more than one type of plastic in category #1 through #6. The new co-polyester that the Berkey Light™ system utilizes is also categorized into #7 although it is not a polycarbonate and does not contain any BPA.

Please Note:
  • Not yet available in Iowa
  • Not currently available in California
  • Flow rate calculated with upper chamber full to top. Flow rate decreases as water level declines