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Twin Arcs Farm Finest Heritage Chicken Breeds
Our Open-Forage Chickens in our mobile chicken tractor!


At Twin Arcs Farm, we select the finest heritage chicken breeds to partner with on the homestead.  Heritage breed chickens are hearty, long-lived, and reproductively vital birds that were an important aspect of early homesteads.  They can be defined with the following characteristics:

  1. A Heritage Breed Chicken must be from parent and grandparent stock of breeds whose genetic line can be traced back multiple generations.
  2. A Heritage Breed Chicken must be reproduced and genetically maintained through natural mating.  The chick must be the result of naturally mating pairs of both grandparent and parent stock.
  3. A Heritage Breed Chicken must have the genetic ability to live a long, vigorous life and thrive in the rigors of an open-foraging, outdoor system. Breeding hens should be productive for 5-7 years and roosters for 3-5 years.
  4. A Heritage Breed Chicken must have a moderate to slow rate of growth, reaching appropriate weight for the breed in no less than 16 weeks. This gives the chicken time to develop strong skeletal structure and healthy organs prior to building muscle mass.

Our chickens forage openly on pasture and moved every two weeks to cultivate and enjoy new ground.  They tuck into their mobile chicken coop at night made of recycled material.  We would prefer to have them move about the farm without limit, however they have been preyed after by foxes, hawks and other predators.  Our chickens are contained for their own protection.  They are fed ‘beyond organic’ plant material, Amaranth grain heads, pesky worms, and other sneaky insects.  In addition to natural forage, we supplement them with non-GMO, vegetarian feed.

Our chickens have provided tremendous joy, noteworthy garden prep, and a very nice alarm clock substitute!

We hope that you enjoy what they have to offer as much as we do!

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