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Priming PF-2

Priming PF-2 Fluoride Water Filters

Printable PDF Berkey Users Manual


Priming the PF-2 Berkey Fluoride Post Filter is essential for them to perform properly. The filter media in each element contains some residual manufacturing dust that may cause the water to be cloudy or have a bitter after taste. This can be easily avoided by simply flushing the filter prior to installation.

Follow the instructions below to insure that your Berkey purifier performs as designed:


Filters must be primed prior to use. Do not install before reading the enclosed installation procedures and do not screw the PF-2 elements onto the stem of the Black Berkey elements more than eight revolutions or the core of the filter could be damaged.

1. With the blue caps in place wash the exterior of each PF-2 fluoride element with water and a mild dish washing soap.

2. With clean hands, remove the blue caps from both ends of each filter element.

3. Place the tan colored rubber priming button against one end of the PF-2 filter, making sure to align the hole of the filter with the hole of priming button.

4. Press the filter and priming button firmly against the sink faucet to create a seal between the faucet and the PF-2 element.

Hint: Place your thumb on top of the faucet to help apply pressure and to create a secure seal.

5. While holding the filter securely against the faucet, turn the cold water on slowly, allow water to fill the filter and discharge from the opposite end for at least 30 seconds or until the water runs clear whichever is longest.

6. Turn the PF-2 filter over and prime the opposite end by reversing the water flow, keep repeating steps 3 thru 5 until water runs clear from both ends.

7. Prime each PF-2 element of your system as described above.

Hint: When you think the filters are primed – get a clear glass and flush both ends again into the glass to check for cloudiness and insure proper operation of the PF-2 filter, if not continue priming until water is clear. This filter is now properly primed and ready to install.