sow simple.

About Our Farm

Twin Arcs Farm is a standalone blend of agricultural antiquity and new-fashioned farming techniques.  We are stewards of the land.  We harmonize with the Earth by caring for the health and well-being of the plants and animals while reaping the benefits of this loving relationship.  This is a paradigm shift, dispelling the myth that we are simply consumers and proving that we were designed to be producers.   We cultivate high-quality fruits and vegetables that are the result of restoring the soil, the fundamental platform for all life.

We use only the highest quality seed as it was designed by our Creator – organic, non-GMO, non-hybrid seed, planted by hand.  By incorporating proven agricultural methods, such as permaculture (credit Geoff Lawton), square-foot gardening (credit Mel Bartholomew), and market gardening (credit Jean-Martin Fortier), the seed responds with substantial root and vegetative growth – a clear victory for the soil and soil organisms.  Simply put, we let it be, with minimal disturbance.

The war on weeds is over.  In fact, they are our friends.  This renewed relationship allows us to identify soil deficiencies by inspecting weed species, root patterns, and each of their restorative properties.  We never use chemicals – pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, etc.  Everything has a purpose; each weed compliments the ecosystem accordingly.  We don’t disrupt, we construct!  Now isn’t that something?

Our agricultural model is “sow simple”:  We combine our loving labor, willful obedience, and passion for sustainability into a holistic farming approach.  This endeavor allows us to feed our family, our neighbors, and our community with nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables. Try our produce directly from us or any of the locations below to enjoy what the good, green Earth has to offer!

Permaculture Garden Beds Recently Seeded

Permaculture Garden Beds Recently Seeded